Minding the Media Gap

Bridging the shifting scientist–journalist cultural divide
by Lesley Evans Ogden
BioScience | March 2015

As the golden light of evening meets the deep green panorama of vineyards and distant mountains outside Missoula, Montana, I am seated at the Ten Spoon Winery with three conservation biology graduate students. For the first time in its history, in 2014, 16 journalists attended the Society of Conservation Biology meeting through a travel fellowship hosted by COMPASS and supported by the Wilburforce, Turner, and Darby Foundations. In the informal atmosphere of sunset and wine, I am the last to introduce myself, and there is an immediate and awkward silence when I utter the words “I am a science journalist.” Yet, within a few minutes of conversation, those uncomfortable barriers broke down. It strikes me as an interesting allegory for a larger phenomenon. Effective media coverage of science requires trust between scientists and journalists. But to gain trust, there must be mutual understanding.

Click here to read the full article, Minding the Media Gap, on the American Association for the Bioscience website.

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